I believe this book is unlike any other book that deals with science and religion. My primary reason for writing it is to give back a small token of my appreciation for all that God has done for me in my life. My secondary reason is to provide additional proof to those skeptics who can't seam to grasp the idea that the existence of God is -- and has always been -- SELF EVIDENT. By providing scientific proof and circumstantial evidence I hope to convince them that any alternative to God cannot be logically or scientifically supported.  

While writing this book and examining what the Bible has to say, it occurred to me that God is trying to tell us something more about His plan for humanity. When recent scientific discoveries, and the words written in the Bible are compared, a new and different understanding can be reached. Passages in Genesis can be interpreted in a whole new way  now that we know much more about technology, the Universe, and planet Earth. The words "In the Beginning" take on a new meaning when considering the so called big bang theory. Now that we know the fallacy of Darwin's theory of macro-evolution, the idea of life evolving on other planets no longer makes sense. However, Genesis's  mention of the "sons of God" has led me to ask some questions that  may surprise you. Christ's parables -- when viewed from a modern day and extrapolated future perspective -- tend to reveal some things that modern day theology has yet to grasp, or does grasp but has become constrained because of doctrine.

This book is not just about proving the existence of God and speculating upon God's plan for humanity. It's also about a variety of subjects that have caused unnecessary fear, misunderstanding, and foolhardy decisions as a result of a lack of belief in God. By examining these subjects, from a belief in God perspective, I try to show that God has  provided logical solutions that should be self evident to any thinking person who is not blinded by cognitive dissonance.  



Finally, this book provides compelling proof that the human "soul" is separate and distinct from the biological brain. Unfortunately the "soul" has a free will with an obvious evil side to it; and this evil side has led to misery and hardship for so many people throughout history. When God gave mortal humans a free will He chose not to control their actions. However, it also appears that He has continually intervened by placing obstacles in the way of evil acts -- like ending the rise of despots like Hitler. If God had not provided humans with a free will, we humans would be robots who could not appreciate His awesome creative power. Our tendency for evil is something that, to my way of thinking, explains a lot about  what God has in mind and what He is trying to accomplish.


When you read this book my hope is that you will see that what I'm saying is self evident.

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