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About The Hydrogen Connection

I believe most people don't realize that a hydrogen fuel revolution is currently underway. While most of us are aware of the advent of battery powered electric cars the idea of hydrogen fuel cells either replacing or working in conjunction with batteries is the logical next step. Rather than taking hours to recharge a battery, fuel cells can be used to charge the battery while traveling over the road while taking only minutes to refuel with hydrogen.

Because batteries are very heavy relative to fuel cells larger vehicles like trucks, busses, trains, and aircraft will need to use fuel cells. However there is an obvious chicken and egg problem. Do we create a hydrogen fuel infrastructure first or do we create hydrognen powered vehicles first? In my book I provide several solutions to this vexing problem. One example is to employ  hydrogen trucks and busses that return to a home base each day for refueling. Thus, requiring a single refueling source. Another example is for semi trucks (eighteen wheelers) that travel long distances on major highways. In this instance only about 4 thousand truck stops need to provide hydrogen. In fact it might be possible for farmers to become wealthy by using part of their land to generate and deliver hydrogen using solar energy, water, and electrolysis.


Looking at the hydrogen revolution from a big picture standpoint, it's conceivable that almost every country in the world can become energy independent. All it takes is land. water, and sunlight. As a result the world can become a safer place.


About My Point of View

With regard to some of the most profound questions posed by the bible we might ask how did God create Heaven and Earth in six days? How was Adam created from the dust of the ground? Why did God create humans that needed to die before becoming immortal? What will immortal beings do for eternity and what purpose will be served? Where and what is Heaven? Where and what is Hell?


Although mainstream science is telling us that we are the result of random occurrences that happened after the “big bang,” I have "A Different Point of View." I believe that we are the result of planned occurrences that happened after the creation of the Universe by God. In other words, the Universe, and everything in it, is a result of deliberate design and purpose. Using currently known technology, and the Bible as a guide, I conducted a series of thought experiments in an attempt to piece together God’s cosmic puzzle. The picture that emerged has left me both shocked and amazed.

See my interview below with Rabbi Walker about my previous book "Self Evident "Much of my thinking for this book "A Different Point of View," was derived from that book.

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