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My Background



My degree is in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts, Upon graduation, in 1964, I was commissioned a lieutenant in the United States Army Corps of Engineers, and served in Vietnam.


In August 1966 I began my career with the Westinghouse Electric Corporation. During the first 17 years, my experience was primarily in nuclear steam generator development. In the last four years, of these 17 years, I was promoted to Section Engineering Manager and later, Department Engineering Manager for a $40 million Atomic Energy Commission (presently the Department of Energy -- DOE) contract to develop a steam generator for a "breeder" nuclear power plant. My department also performed government contract studies, to develop solar powered steam generators and fluidized bed coal gasification boilers.


In 1982, I transferred to the Thermo King Corporation (a subsidiary of Westinghouse) to become Engineering Manager for the Truck Transport Refrigeration Equipment Department. During the early portion of my employment with Thermo King, my engineering group developed a new line of truck refrigeration equipment for the world market. I was later given responsibility for design engineering activities at Thermo King factories in Barcelona, Spain; Hamble, England; and Prague, Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia). Before retirement in 2000, I was responsible for the successful development of a new line of refrigeration equipment for the Japanese market, and the development of a new alternator powered refrigeration system for the European market.


I have written numerous technical papers for international conferences and for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and currently hold seven patents. I was also the Chairman of the Florida West Coast Section of ASME in 1974‑75, and passed the State of Florida professional engineering examination in 1975.


During retirement I have written six books entitled "The Hydrogen Connection" "A Different Point of View"  "Self Evident," "Reaching America's Destiny,"  "HYDROGEN," and  "A Sense of Urgency."

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