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January 8, 2017

Since we’ve all heard the saying “the only thing we know for sure is death and taxes” is there anything that I can say or do that constitutes “undeniable proof?” Well let me try this for openers. What do you think the odds against you are if you bought one lottery ticket in all fifty states and then won them all? Of course, you would say it’s impossible to win in two states let alone all fifty! If so, we’ve just stated an undeniable proof that any thinking person would conclude as impossible. On the other hand, if the lottery system were “rigged” to allow you to win all fifty states it would require an intervention that caused it to happen. In this instance the intervention would require some form of intelligent manipulation of the lottery systems.  Thus, any thinking person who saw one person buying only one lottery ticket per state and winning in all fifty, would conclude that the lottery system was “rigged

With the above being said, is there anything that has happened in nature, that is statistically impossible, but has happened? Well it has happened and I can prove it. Have I got your attention? Are you curious to know what it is? Ok – not to keep you in suspense, I’ll tell you – it’s the formation a self-replicating, membrane encased, living cell. Oh – you’re not impressed. After all Darwin explained how this can happen by natural causes and lots of time. However, Darwin never did explain how a living cell came into being. In fact, Darwin didn’t explain many things very well – now that we know much more -- about nature and the fossil record -- than he knew in his time. In fact, we now know the true nature of DNA as a result of the unraveling of the genetic code in 1964 by Nobel Prize winning physicists Francis Crick and James Watson.

 Now that we understand how the DNA molecule acts like a computer program to determine how twenty different types of proteins are assembled to create a self-replicating living cell, it constitutes undeniable proof that there must be a designer who “rigged” the system. Why?  Because the steps required for its creation can be likened to a 200-letter paragraph assembling itself. In other words – if I were to put all 200 letters of the paragraph in a box and asked you to pick letters at random – what do you think the odds are that they would result in the required paragraph. This is not rocket science folks. A amateur mathematician could easily show the odds to be greater than winning 50 state lotteries after buying one ticket in each state. Since this is a fact, it’s not difficult to assume that the system must have been “rigged.” Since we are talking about nature one must then conclude that the “rigger” must be God!

February 17, 2017

Since writing my book “Self Evident” I’ve begun researching claims made by believers in a young Earth – specifically with regard to shrinkage of the Sun. Their claim is that at the rate the Sun is now shrinking it would have been too hot for life to exist on Earth less than twenty-thousand years ago. Thus, invalidating evolution of life over billions of years. Not surprisingly the evolutionists claim that the Sun is not shrinking. This led me to delve into the subject further to see if I could determine who is right and who is wrong.

Since the sun exists primarily from nuclear fusion it would seem logical to believe the sun would shrink because it’s losing the mass that’s being converted into energy. On the other hand, if the nuclear fusion is caused by fusing increasingly heavier elements the increased reaction energy might result in the diameter increasing. On the other hand, the diameter should decrease because the rate of fusion should decrease because of less and less heavier elements fusing. On the other hand, the diameter should increase because when the mass decreases the gravitational containment would be less.

As confusing as this might sound, there is another aspect involved in the above-mentioned process. It’s called luminescence. Luminescence is the brightness of the sun. With less luminescence, the sun’s radiated heat would be less. Since luminescence increases with fusion of increasingly formed heavier elements, one might assume that billions of years ago the sun must have been less luminescent because the fusion energy would be derived mostly from the lightest element – hydrogen. This is a problem for evolutionists because our watery planet would become an icy planet – which is not conducive to life. On the other hand, the sun’s initial formation must have been the result of a gravitational collapse of hydrogen atoms which would result in the sun beginning its existence in a highly luminescent condition and then becoming less luminescent.

In any case, the young earth proponents are causing a lot of confusion and doubt for the evolutionists.  

March 7, 2017

As Saint Augustine said in the fourth century, “The book of nature and the book of scripture were written by the same author and will not be in conflict when properly read and understood.” It’s my opinion that both science and the bible are currently not properly read and understood. But, with the young earth scientists continually challenging mainstream science I believe we will eventually find scientific agreement with the bible.

When much of today’s speculative science begins with the premise that life came about as a result of natural causes that originated billions of years ago, we are being led in the wrong direction. Fortunately, however, because science is turning over every rock to discredit God, they are actually discovering Him. For instance, with the unraveling of the Genetic code by Nobel Prize winning physicists Francis Crick and James Watson we now know for a fact that there is a designer.  Since a living cell is statistically impossible to form by natural causes (equivalent to all the atoms in the known universe) there must have been a designer, and logic would then say that all of the sequential events leading to animal and human life must have also been designed.

To combat discoveries like the genetic code, the scientific community is resorting to extreme measures, such as panspermia, multi-universes, and aliens from another planet. Obviously, the panspermia and alien idea is without merit because without a designer God, alien life could not exist – unless God was behind that supposed existence. That leaves the infinite number of universes idea as the only counter explanation for what has been shown to be statistically impossible. To me, the multi-universe idea is just grasping for straws. After all, the elephant left in the room is who or what created the universe. When the scientific community finally comes to realize that a spiritual God must have designed and created all there is, they will have no recourse but to admit that God did it all.

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