Have you ever wondered why mankind is just now experiencing rapid technological advancements and scientific knowledge? Is it possible that God is providing additional evidence that He is the designer and creator of the universe? In this book I examine this possibility while exposing misinformation, falsehoods and outright lies regarding the following subjects:

The Big Bang - UFO’s - Overpopulation - Climate Change - Renewable Energy - Water Shortages – Noah’s Flood – Afterlife – and American Exceptionalism  

As part of this examination, I extrapolate recent science and discoveries to portray a thought provoking vision of the future. From this unique vantage point I provide new thoughts, ideas, and logic to debunk currently-held popular opinions; while at the same time showing how today’s Godless science is reluctantly discovering God. I also provide compelling scientific evidence and logic to describe what may be God’s plan for humanity.

Check out the Herman and Sharron Show video below which is a TV interview with me about the content of my book