In the fourth century St Augustine wrote “The book of nature and the book of scripture were both written by the same author and will not be in conflict when properly read and understood.”

Wow – this prophetic quote says it all. Today’s mainstream science could not be more in conflict with scripture. Yet with more scientific findings being revealed, the gap between nature and scripture is steadily closing.  In fact, the discovery of the DNA molecule has provided undeniable proof that Darwin’s theory of macro evolution is impossible. As a result of this finding, we are left with no other logical explanation for the existence of life other than what is described in the Bible. While most people find it hard to believe that Adam was created by God from the dust of the ground, perhaps a deeper understanding is needed. Since all matter is comprised of atoms, why can’t God reconfigure dust atoms into atoms that comprise a human body?

This book “A Different Point of View,” is an attempt, on my part, to use logic, proven science, and God’s words to deconflict nature and scripture. In this attempt, I have used thought experiments, derived from the bible, to construct a plausible explanation for all that there is.  However, I have assumed that the Universe and everything in it – including us – is there by design and purpose. In other words, I began by asking the question – how would I have designed it? Believe me when I say, you will be shocked and amazed at what I’ve found.